NU Offices (Tondela, Portugal_2017)


A project starts, almost every time, with a site visit to understand its surrounding context. Sometimes the context is a terrain, other times an interior. In this situation, it is an interior that is simultaneously an exterior, because there is the will and the need to build inside the existing industrial warehouse, expanding the company’s administrative area.

Besides functionality, we also think about the responsible sustainability of the building, since all of it has been designed to be assembled / dismantled and reused in the future, and also in a cost saving solution since the required technical conditions are simple and effective. Structural, finishing and comfort materials are used simultaneously.

Containers, which are integrated into the environment and daily routine of the production process, are constructed with a wooden structure visible in the ceilings; the walls and floors are made of particleboard panels; and the relation with the exterior is guaranteed by glazed windows that adjust to the conditions of the existing space, favoring new relation possibilities with the interior of the warehouse and also the entrance of light for the working areas.


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