Vetdinha - veterinary clinic (Mortágua, Portugal_2019)

We found a space on the ground floor of a residential building, empty but not very big, punctually marked by structural pillars, with its own sanitary installation and windows distributed along its perimeter. The use till the date was commercial.

The purpose of the project is the conversion of this commercial space into a veterinary clinic. For this, the structuring idea of the project focus in creating a space where order, harmony, hospitality, cleanliness and functionality reign, thinking essentially about the welfare of animals. Work and long-term living spaces are arranged along the perimeter of the façade to capture as much natural light as possible, and service and warehouse spaces in “blind” areas also taking advantage of pre-existing infrastructures in the building.

A particularly relevant aspect in the project is the joining of the waiting area, reception and social toilet in a single space. The material, configuration and color clearly mark the reception and the volume of the sanitary installation as an independent object that does not touch the ceiling, allowing the space to be wider and even extending itself to the restricted service area.

Another concern that has been taken into consideration is related with the problem of storage. To answer this issue, some walls are covered with cabinets making it the physical limits of the space, with the additional function of providing storage.

All spaces are mechanically ventilated and all the materials applied are resistant and washable, assuming light and neutral colors in order to communicate an idea of cleanliness and serenity. Exceptionally, the reception takes on a different color that marks the character of the space and also enhances the veterinary clinic’s brand identity.