Qdv (Cadaval, Portugal_2015-...)


Scale. The design intervenes on the territory due to its size and impact. Understands it as a matrix in which smaller cores are arranged radially around a central core depending on the specificity of each place, the program and experiences that are intended to provide.

The specificity of the place is reflected in the proposal in an attitude of camouflage and integration but also in an attitude of contrast and irreverence.

The program is not static. Instead, has undergone through several transformations since the very beginning, seeking an adjustment to the client’s intentions, the specificities of the place and the maturity of the project. It is a participatory, interventionist and mutable program.

Experiences. Living the tradition, the agriculture, the culture and the natural elements, the proposal provides hospitality to each person offering experiences that stimulate the senses and mark the intellect.