SAL & GRELHA – takeaway restaurant (Tondela, Portugal_2021)

The intervention was thought out from the beginning in an innovative way, reflecting a new approach in the design of a take-away restaurant. The space was thought and designed to provide the customer an experience that focuses on the act of cooking, the essence of the ingredients and the quality of the meals, thus gaining a new dimension that transcends the purpose of a take-away establishment.

Attention is focused not only on customers and their relationship with the space, but also on employees and the performance of their tasks. The central island is the essence of the project, facilitating the operation of the kitchen and simultaneously making the act of cooking perceptible to the customer. This and other design options, together with the choice of materials, communicate a strong, but at the same time, simple identity to this space. The walls and ceilings completely painted in black or covered with dark cabinets reinforce this idea. The darker environment contrasts with the stainless steel and the orange floor, thus referring to the symbolic act of cooking/grilling over charcoal.

Photography credits: Detail Photography