CM House (Tondela, Portugal_2015-2018)

Inserted in a rural context next to a running water brook, the house has as an ordering and generating project element the preexisting stone wall confining with the public street. The idea is to extend this wall and integrate it into the design of the house. The material is changed from stone to cork, differentiating the intervention of the pre-existence.

Assuming the wall as an opaque element simultaneously interior and exterior that ensures privacy in relation to the road, the house closes to the north and becomes transparent in the south opposite side to the “private” part of the terrain.

Here, the house lies on a platform that rests above the ground. This separation act contrasts with the creation of patios and the use of generous windows that bring people closer to the green space and to the surrounding landscape.

The house is divided essentially into three key areas: the technical area where the garage and all the machineries are; the social area with the living room and kitchen in an open-space concept with glass panels on opposite sides in order to make the space fluid and ensuring a kind of transition zone between the street (public) and the terrain (private); the intimate area with the bedrooms and their bathroom facilities connected by a circulation axis that opens or closes according to the privacy that is intended.


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